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Fountains in the earlier period were constructed to provide the basic facilities to the residents of the place. The water fountains were used for drink, bath, wash and other routine chores of the urban and rural or town population. But with the passing time, the trend changed and there came man water motors and other […]

Ah! What could be better than lazing on the warm sand, getting roasted under the scorching sun at the sound of the waves? These 10 incredible beaches give furious desires for relaxation! Throughout the world, whether in Mexico, Polynesia or France, nature has small gems with turquoise waters and white sand. The most beautiful beaches […]

In recent years, Norway has somewhat revolutionized its cuisine, which in the past was indeed not renowned for its variety and refinement. Today, Norwegian cuisine is made up of quality dishes, inspired by tradition, but with a bit of innovation. But, apart from recipes, the merit of the goodness of Norwegian dishes goes to quality […]

In each country, there are many ancient and modern attractions that annually attract millions of tourists. In addition to castles, squares, palaces, and parks, there are also statues that are not always in tourist demand. Let’s look at those of them that just need to “know by sight.” Statue of Christ the Redeemer Located in […]

Most tourists know that you can go to Italy for a great beach holiday or to see the world’s masterpieces and ancient cultural monuments. And indeed, such a number of attractions, as here, in a few places you can find! But we offer to look at Italy from the other side represents the top […]

For you, does not your honeymoon necessarily mean travel to the end of the world? When we think of the honeymoon, we imagine distant beaches with white sand and transparent water. Some newlyweds, however, do not want to go on an expedition to the other end of the planet. Why is Europe so attractive? Greece […]